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October 2017


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10 Years of Quality Open Access Publications at Karger

This year marks a decade of peer-reviewed journal articles from Karger Open Access, with all the quality and benefits of more than 125 years of publishing experience at Karger. As the needs of researchers, funders, and readers have evolved, Karger has constantly innovated to provide more Open Access content and services. The Karger Open Access Gateway, which provides a search tool for articles and a host of information for all stakeholders, is just one example. With more than 20 Open Access journals and more set to launch next year, Karger offers Open Access options in every biomedical discipline.

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 News from the Open Access World

Karger Sponsors Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing

Karger co-sponsored and joined the 9th annual Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP), held by the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) 20.–21. September. COASP brought representatives of publishers, libraries, funders, and others in the community to Lisbon to discuss all aspects of open science, including infrastructure, collaboration, peer review, and the future of Open Access.

Presentations will be available on the OASPA website, and many slides and commentary can be viewed on Twitter under #COASP9. The consensus is that Open Access is here to stay, and the task now is to keep innovating improvements.

Membership in OASPA assures that Karger fulfills strict criteria and meets various standards for Open Access publishing.

Impressions from the 9th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing in Lisbon, September 2017

Test (and Build) Your Impact Know-How

Do you know the best ways to boost the impact of your published research papers – and why it matters? Find out with this entertaining quiz by Karger partner Kudos. The circus-themed quiz lets you test and build your expertise. Whether or not you pass the quiz with flying colors, setting up a profile on Kudos takes only a few minutes. Kudos is a free platform for increasing your articles’ reach and impact with features that let you explain your work in plain language, add links to related resources, and generate trackable links for sharing online.


 Open Access at Karger Publishers

Increased Impact Factor 2016 in Neurosignals

We are pleased to inform you about the increased impact factor in 2016 of our Open Access neurology journal Neurosignals, with an exceptional jump in impact factor from 1.593 to 6.143. We owe this impressive increase, which demonstrates the recognition of the scientific community, to the hard-working and committed editors, the editorial board members, the reviewers, and all the contributors.
To gain new insights into neuronal signaling at the molecular, cellular, and system levels, or to find out how to submit to Neurosignals, check out the journal homepage.

An Article Making the Online Community Buzz

The article 'Weight Rhythms: Weight Increases during Weekends and Decreases during Weekdays' from Obesity Facts continues to spark interest, as shown by its Altmetric Attention Score. Altmetric uses factors such as shares and mentions to measure the online impact that articles have on researchers, policy makers, the public, and other readers. This article is in the top 5% of Altmetric-scored research output, with mentions by 181 Twitter users and 19 news outlets worldwide, as well as 26 posts on the academic social network Mendeley. We invite you to read the article to see why it is having such an impact. Perhaps it will make you think differently about your next lunch arrangements.

Top Ten Open Access Articles July to September 2017

Have a look at the most-read Karger Open Access articles:

Most Important Chronic Complications of Arteriovenous Fistulas for Hemodialysis
Med Princ Pract 2013;22:220–228

Dysmetabolic Hyperferritinemia: All Iron Overload Is Not Hemochromatosis
Case Rep Gastroenterol 2015;9:7–14

12th European Nutrition Conference (FENS), Berlin, Germany, October 20–23, 2015: Abstracts
Ann Nutr Metab 2015;67(suppl 1):1–601

An Encapsulated Fruit and Vegetable Juice Concentrate Increases Skin Microcirculation in Healthy Women
Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2012;25:2–8

Mechanisms by Which Dehydration May Lead to Chronic Kidney Disease
Ann Nutr Metab 2015;66(suppl 3):10–13

Sonographic Assessment of Renal Size in Healthy Adults
Med Princ Pract 2014;23:432–436

The WHO-5 Well-Being Index: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Psychother Psychosom 2015;84:167–176

Cannabis Extract Treatment for Terminal Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with a Philadelphia Chromosome Mutation
Case Rep Oncol 2013;6:585–592

Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis: Review of a Rare and Treatable Disease of the Gastrointestinal Tract
Case Rep Gastroenterol 2013;7:293–298

European Guidelines for Obesity Management in Adults
Obes Facts 2015;8:402–424

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